Kawaii’s little bit of luck!

This last couple of weeks has been hard assignments are being due for uni and Kowai was off in another country. Though working hard makes me enjoy the little things.

I have found a little gold mine that helps me getting closer to completing my rewrite WS collection. Out of the promo cards I only need 6 more to go. Sounds like a lot but understand ere was at least double that to being with.
I also have had some trades from a friend in malaysia would is helps me build a Shane deck. If built well can be very deadly.
The best news I have in regards to WS is:
* I got my first TD signed ( Saber from Fate / Zero) thanks to Kowai.
* I FINALLY got my Danny Choo Pr Mirai card. No more stalking every comp, due to uni want have time too.
* got my first foil from a TD, shining ex. It’s very pretty.

So WS has been exciting.
In regards to monster high the collection has be vastly growing, unfortunate my space has been shirking s they are kept in their boxes. Would still like to work on the monster high customs but is running out will power 😦 bad Kawaii.

My little pony has almost been completely halted due to the slow releases.
The last set I received was from Kowai. I do adore em but I am waiting for more, and is not pleased that the blind bags are no longer easy to come by.

My bjds is also no longer in buying state to due to high cost and no money 😦 do need more clothes though my lovely wolf man is pretty much naked 0-o

My Nendoroid will be slowing down two but with the 2 per orders on the way in and a new set addition they are living large in my house! The only figure collection which is completely displayed.

But you are asking why am I saying I a lucky? That’s due to the best present of all. Kowai coming home safe and sound.

Any my new Pokemon gym badges X3
I love them so!

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Toys Toys Toys… Tony Tony Tony…

I have many… Many, many…

  I haven’t really posted much this year, but Let me start off this post with my latest acquisitions…
I got me some …


To add to the Iron Man Mark iV and Vi that I had many months ago, I now also have Marks 2 and 3!!!
Also included in the Mark 2 and 3 is a Tony Stark head… And you know how Tony rolls…
He brings the CLASS:



Now, a whole bunch of awesometacular photos of Tony…

Did you enjoy that? XD
Now… Time to blog your mind…
IRON COP COming soon to theatres near you!!!

Finally, Here’s what Tony thinks of the idea:

Thanks for listening dudes… Until next time (which’ll be SOON! :D)

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Is an iPad a toy?… Yes

Yes Kawaii here is having way too much fun with her new ipad2.
I have mainly bought this for university, have found some very useful and fun apps.

Favourite app: jukebox
This app is a music game which allows ur to use ur finger to click on the buttons which illuminate according to the song. It is simple game play with addictiveness added.
Pro: great for improve hand eye coordination skills.
Con: each 4 songs to download cost 4.95! In which u only get 3 songs to start with :/
Rating: 4 / 5

Useful app: Facebook
Just like the phone app, only the notifications come to the sign so u can still have half view of what u were previously looking out.
Pro: quick access to Facebook
Con: you can’t open links on there in new windows
Rating: 4 / 5

Worst app: crunchyroll.
This app allows you to view anime online.
Pro: good to watch anime on iPad.
con: you have to have a membership if u want to use it for more than 30 days, even though states in the description free anime viewing.
Rating: 2 / 5

I have yet to use this for schooling ( besides looking up work related emails.) so I will hope it has been worth all my tax money.

Please comment you have any awesome apps for me to download!

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WS update :3


Since I have previous blogged, I have some happy news from this part of my lift.

1: Got my first booster box, which lead to my first vidoe box opening! ( due to editing it has yet to be upload please stay tuned, for link.)


* A signed card is a card, with a silver of gold autograph on it, usally of the artist. They are worth much more such they are rare to get.

3: Won 2 games in a tournament. Im very proud of this since I had yet to win any game at a tournment.

So all in all very good news, I maybe getting broke due to this hobby, but i love every second of it.


1: To win 3 games ( im working my way slowly XD)

2: Complete my Lucia and Shizuru deck, only about 10 cards to go XD

3: Get another sign (prays to the WS gods)

4: Complete my rewrite pick a new series XD

here are some photos of my Rewrite swag.


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My army is slowly forming…
As of yesterday I now own 4 Skeleton Warriors!!! Wakakakaka!

Enter the Sci-Fi Revoltech Series No. 020 – Skeleton Army

I have one of them at work with me today so I thought I would make a brief post with a pic-stitch’d image!

I’ve been slowly, slowly buying these revoltechs and now I own four. I am leaning towards getting one more and stopping there…. But either way I have been collecting these over the last 6 odd months (ever since their original release almost a year ago!)

They’re small, light and flimsy, but given how thin they have to be, just being skeletons and all they’ve done a really nice job!

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Having fun just collecting

So I have recently started to reorganise how I keep certain collections. My favourite figures have been moved to my rumpus room so I can always be viewing them. Nendo’s have a two sections of my tv unit to themselves, (which features my snow miku as above). I also have my Asuka and Tiger & Bunny SH Figuarts set on the mantle part. So far i think this is the 3 types of sizes I want to collect in figure, which is annoying me I have many figures I adore in the wrong scale. Since hanging out with kowai scale has became an important factor when displaying figures; I find the ones around the same size make each other look better.

Asuka unfortunatel is 1 / 6 scale so finding other the same height is a slight pain. The only one I have found that I like is the other eva pilot that has been released by megahouse and has now become ridiculously expensive…. damn you ebay…..

The next scale is the SH Figuarts. I wans’t really planning to get to many of these since kowai has them in abundence especially Kamen Rider. The reason I have these two is I adored that anime and love the exclusive Tamashii Nathions Darkness Bunny. So you can’t have one without the other. I have been looking at other figures such as figma’s but am still unsure about some of them, since I have a append miku from that line.

The last size is the nendo’s. These cute chibi figures you can have multipy and they still fit in smallish spaces unless they have accessories (i.e. such as the springs koi and the cheerful japan flags) I wish to get one of every charatcer they released ( though that will result in many mikus…. snow miku’s are just to cute!) I currently up to 21 :3 woot.

As for my WS card collection I have decided to foucs on one set at a time ( beside playing ones.) The ones I use to play with and have put aside as singles for my private collection or kept in character deck boxes which is kept in a character box case which is then in turn in a drawer. I feel its like Inception…… AS for my one set rewrite I have displayed it in a card binder. I printed off a “cover” for the binder and sorted them out into sections. I feel this is a great way to set it out as I am able to see the trial deck card separated form the common cards as well as the promo cards etc. This promo card(as shown below in the right hand side corner was the first one from I received from a recent competition)

Hope this inspires people to post about their collections and how they display them.

Kawaii signing off ~<3

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I touched the dragon! Good luck for me!

This weekend has been lots of fun with scores of toys as well as a WS comp and celebrating Chinese New Year in my city.

So let’s start with the score.

Despite being ill on Friday Kowai and I scouted off to the shopping center after work where, I was lucky to find some Monster High that I have not seen in other stores.

They are from the set Killer Style, which only has a Draculaura and Frankie. They were also on sale for $10.00 each. So I snapped them up. As I do like their outfits, I decicded to mix Frankie and the new Spectra outfit I bought together. Pics shall be up later to see the fantastic combo.

Kowai and I also found 2 my little pony sets, which has the right scaled size Princess Celestia. Thank goodness I didnt want to cave and buy the massive one with light up wings. This set contains, Twilight Sparkle and Spike as well. The other set contains 3 baby ponies and Cheerlie. I find this amusing as two of the baby ponies and Cheerlie were from the core seven, of the G3’s XD These sets will not be shown in photos as they are part of my gifts for Vday and One Year anniversy.

On Sat, we headed off to a WS comp. As usual i lost every round 😦 oh well, at least i feel I am improving and that 2 games where very close, that both players only had to take one damage before they lost too! XD I still scored the PR card which was a Haruhi one, very cute. Also got booster of Rewrite, which I scored some new cards and 2 doubles. That being said I was happy to trade some of cards from another series I dont play for more Rewrite i didnt have. So, a very good haul there too.


Today was a festival for chinese new year. I had a blast as in the chinese culture if you touch the dragons that people have carried and dressed up in, you will have very good luck for the upcoming year. I managed to pat 3 dragons, and two lions. so This is very lucky. kowai has more luck as the luckest part of the dragon is the tongue in which he touched 2! very impressed. Though due to the 35 degree heat i we had a quick lunch and drove home to relax and play ninja fishing on the iphone. (so addicitive you have to get it!)

I hope that my Booster box arrives soon! I want to open it =p

Have fun everyone. ~ Xin Nian Kuai Le.

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